Heading for the stratosphere - OneTake AI's September Investor Update

OneTake AI hit $28,593 MRR, grew 15% MoM, launched OneTake Chat, revamped website, and is all set for a mega global translation feature launch

Heading for the stratosphere - OneTake AI's September Investor Update

August has come to an end, and we're sailing through September with some fantastic progress on many fronts. While summer might signify vacations for some, for us at OneTake AI, it has been a high-powered month of product expansions, new improvements, and a whole lot of growth! From reaching crucial revenue milestones to revamping our entire product's face, we've done it all. 🚀


  • Revenue's flying)! We've hit USD $28,593 MRR (Monthly Recurring Revenue) in August and now serve 272 active paying customers!
  • Get ready to talk about us differently! OneTake AI is no longer just an AI video editor; it’s an all-in-one video editing and translating solution designed to make international entrepreneurs a global favorite.
  • The family is expanding! We're looking to hire a Product owner, a backend developer superstar, and a UX designer/graphic artist!
  • We’re far exceeding expectations with an impressive 15% month-on-month growth rate since the beginning of the year!
  • Say hello to OneTake Chat! A whopping new AI tool that assists you in generating creative ideas, scripts, and marketing efforts.
  • Brace yourselves for almost-instant video uploads with our 1,000% upload speed increase, all thanks to our upgraded tech stack!

🌟 Elevator Pitch (how to talk about us)

We have a brand new pitch! Now, you can describe us as:

For online entrepreneurs, OneTake AI is the autonomous AI video editor that turns any raw video into a professional presentation - and translates it so your viewers see you speaking in their language. Exciting, isn't it?

❓How you can help

We're growing fast, and to ride this wave, we're looking to extend our family. Specifically, we're scouting for a Product Owner who can drive our product's vision and execute it onward, an API (backend) superstar developer to give an unseen boost to our tech efforts, and an UX designer/graphic artist to give our product that sleek, intuitive, user-friendly look.

As we head towards growth, we're also preparing to raise a Pre-Seed round in October, bringing on board a small group of friends who believe in our vision of revolutionizing the video editing landscape.

If you or someone you know is interested or would be a good fit, feel free to reach out. Any help with introductions or insight would be of great help!

💪 Growth: Key Milestones

Last month, we were counting our growth in leaps; this month, we're counting it in bounds. We've grown at an astounding 15% month-over-month since January. Our community of active, paying users now stands at 272. Doing the math? That's a whopping 5x year-on-year growth speed. Talk about good news! 🎉

In terms of financials, we've made significant headways. Our MRR for August stood at USD $28,593, pushing us a leap closer to our growth aim.

💡 Product Updates

From bringing onboard new features to enhancing the overall user experience, we've kept ourselves busy. Here's the lowdown:

  • New branding, new vibes : Post rebranding from Nuro to OneTake AI this summer, we've given our website a fresh, new look with a completely redesigned landing page at www.onetake.ai. Now, you can find detailed information about our AI capabilities and transformative features all in one place!
  • Say Hi to OneTake Chat : We're extremely excited to announce the launch of OneTake Chat. This AI assistant learns from your content and generates new ideas, video scripts, and marketing materials. The best part? It uses a "container system" keeping your proprietary information confidential. Your content isn't used to train the general AI model, ensuring absolute data privacy and security.
  • Super-Speedy Uploads : We've supercharged our tech stack, and as a result, we've boosted our upload speed by an incredible 1,000%. Now, video uploads will feel almost instant, maximizing efficiency and saving valuable time.

📅 Looking Ahead: October Commitments

Riding the momentum, here’s what we're gunning for the in upcoming month:

  • Go global with our translation feature: Buckle up as we get ready to break language barriers. In October, we're launching our translation feature in French, English, Portuguese, Spanish, Italian, and German. Now, our users can reach and communicate with their audience in multiple languages seamlessly!

💚 A heartfelt thanks

Our journey continues to be enriched by the amazing people around us. We could not be more grateful for your unwavering support, encouragement, and guidance. As always, feel free to share your thoughts, suggestions, or questions. We love hearing from you!

Until the next update,

The OneTake AI Team 🚀

Sébastien Night

Sébastien Night


Sébastien Night is the co-founder and CEO of OneTake AI. He's an IT engineer from École Centrale, bestselling author, public speaker and TV personality.