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OneTake A.I. turns raw video footage into a professional presentation (with titles, transitions, animations and custom music) in a single click.
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What's wrong with this video?

  • Awkward silences and hesitations
  • Sneezed right in the middle of recording
  • Struggled to find his words
  • The sound isn't great
  • Only speaks English


What happened?

  • Silences and hesitations are removed
  • The sneeze was edited out
  • Crystal-clear message: Titles, slides and transitions are automatically added
  • Perfect studio quality sound
  • The video is translated to multiple languages (and Dylan's face is reanimated to speak the new language!). 
    Try the language 🌐 button at the bottom right!

An autonomous A.I. solution:
click one button and
let the A.I. do it all for you

Import raw videos from anywhere, publish the final result anywhere with our Integrations

CMS and LMS for Blogging and E-learning

Our universally compatible Player integrates seamlessly with diverse CMS and LMS platforms, including Kajabi, Clickfunnels,, Learnybox, Teachable, Hotmart, Wordpress, Wix, and more. Now, sharing your content on popular blogs and e-learning platforms is just a click away!‍

Content Sources

OneTake AI allows a seamless, hustle-free upload experience from your hard drive, footage from your smartphone, live recording from your webcam, or content stored in your Google Drive, Dropbox, or Zoom account! It's all just one click away from being edited by our powerful AI.

Video Publishing Platforms

Deliver your content effortlessly to a wide audience across multiple platforms with our Video Publishing features. Offering the convenience of universally-compatible MP4 files, OneTake AI empowers you to easily upload to media-sharing platforms like YouTube, Vimeo, Facebook, LinkedIn, and more.

Podcasting and Audio Publishing

With OneTake AI, you can transform your video content into ready-to-publish podcast episodes, exporting high-quality MP3s to platforms like Spotify, Apple Podcasts, or Google Play. Diversifying your content and connecting with audio enthusiasts has never been easier!‍

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Get Onetake for 5x cheaper!Learn more

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Frequently Asked Questions

We have helped hundreds of entrepreneurs like you! If you have any questions before joining, just ask and we'll be glad to give you a prompt reply.

See the full FAQ or contact us
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How does OneTake AI's video editing process work?

OneTake AI's video editing process is simple and fast. Simply upload your raw video footage and click on our revolutionary "Magic Button". OneTake AI then takes over, applying machine learning algorithms to transcribe the content, remove mistakes and silences from the video, add captivating titles and callouts, create smooth transitions, clean up background noise, and even add music (coming soon!). The final output is a polished and professional presentation, ready to share or publish.

How accurate is OneTake AI's language translation?

Our language translation feature is designed to produce remarkably accurate translations while preserving the presenter's voice and facial expressions. Our patented technology enables us to provide the only service in the world capable of maintaining the sincerity of your content to reach international audiences. This is on top of using a proprietary system that makes translations accurate and clear, even from very spontaneous or improvised source material.

What is the maximum video length that OneTake AI can edit?

OneTake AI can handle video footage up to 10 hours long. This extended capability makes it ideal for editing full-length webinars, coaching calls, or series of videos. Just upload your footage, hit the "Magic Button," and let OneTake take care of the rest.

What range of control do users have over OneTake AI's work?

While OneTake AI automates the tedious tasks in the editing process, we understand the importance of maintaining the creator's personal touch. With OneTake AI, you have control over the degree of editing, the inclusion of subtitles and callouts, animation and transition effects, and even color themes and styles. You can make changes even after the video has been published. It's about striking the right balance between automation and customization.

How can I share my videos created with OneTake AI?

Once you've created your video with OneTake AI, sharing it is a breeze. We provide dedicated shareable URLs for your videos. You can easily embed these links on your website or share them across social media platforms.
Furthermore, our share pages include searchable transcriptions and key moments, making it even more engaging for your audience.

Can I use OneTake AI on my smartphone?

Absolutely! OneTake AI is a web-based application and can work perfectly well on any modern smartphone equipped with a web browser. You can take advantage of all the features of OneTake with ease, right at your fingertips.
No need to install a dedicated app from the Apple App Store or Google Play Store, and no need to have extra space or processing power on the phone.
Regardless of whether your device is iOS or Android, you can access OneTake AI with the convenience of a mobile experience.